3fe Sussex Terrace

In early May this year 3fe (3rd Floor Espresso) opened their 2nd establishment in Dublin. With the main coffee shop located on Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2, they designed this unit to give the company a principal space for the retail and training part of the business.

This location has been thoughtfully divided into 3 main areas. As you enter the shop you are greeted with an impressive coffee bar, here is where you can pick up a taste of what makes 3fe great. You are welcomed with a smile. If you're not sure which coffee you would like, don't worry, just ask for what's good and what's recommended. The staff are immensely knowledgable and are always willing to help. 

Now you can stroll passed the coffee bar and into the main retail area. Your eyes will be drawn, uncontrollably, to the professional espresso machines on display. 3fe sells these to cafes, and if you have the budget you could have one at home! If you are looking for a more modest means of home brewing than there is plenty on offer, from Aeropress to Chemex and much much more.

Just off to the left of the coffee bar and retail area there is a barista training area. Currently there are 3 fully set work stations with all that a barista needs to master the trade.

This shop is an incredibly well thought out space and immaculately built. It is well worth a visit and a moment of your time.