About Me

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About Me

Hi, I'm Ailbe (an easy way to pronounce this old Irish name is "Ail - Bee"**)

I am an Artist and Photographer.

I studied Architectural Technology, and followed this with Art Fine.

I am a professional photographer working in Architecture and Interior Design. My work ranges from real estate sales images to office fit outs thru to new architectural builds, and everything in between.

I am also currently working on his first photobook. This will be a collection of underground train station photographs I captured in Berlin, in July 2016. Some of the images can be seen here.

Have you ever wondered what Dublin city looks like at 4am? Well soon you will be able to know, without having to be up at that time. I am working on a 12 month long project, photographing the street of Dublin city at 4am. At least once or twice each week I will be out wondering around and capturing the streets of this wonderful city, thru all the seasons. Some of the initial scenes can found on my Instagram feed. 

** This is not the true Irish pronunciation.