Morning Glory

On Monday I went out to shoot my first sunrise photo over Dublin bay.

After a 3.30am wake up I was a little fuzzy in the head to start, but by the time I got my camera gear packed into the car and arrived at the location I was ready to go. Especially with the beautiful blue light I was greeted with, pre-sunrise. I choose to shoot at Seapoint sea front. I have shot there before, so I felt a little more comfortable to do my first early morning shoot there.

I selected a composition that would show the point on the horizon where the sun would appear first, due east. Using a Canon 17-40mm f4 L lens, set at 19mm, nice and wide, the background framed south and north coast lines of Dublin, right and left respectively. The foreground, in the lower third of the composition, showes the ramp used by swimmers to enter the water.

There was a small amount of waves coming in to hit the ramp, and as the tide was going out I wasn't too happy with the initial test shots. Plus my focal depth was a little tight. I made the decision to try a neutral density filter and go to f10. The results with an ND8 were better but not quiet what I was looking for, so I tried an ND1000. Pushing it 10 stops did the job.  It helped soften the sea surface and smooth out the contact between the waves and the ramp.

At this stage it was about 4.50am. Sunrise was scheduled for 5.03am. I had time to adjust and define the exposure timing.

The final image was taken at 5.05am, ISO 100, 19mm, f10, and 10.0 sec exposure time.