Unable to pick up a camera

At the beginning of this year, 2015, I registered my company and started a business course. I was all set to turn this year into the launch of my new career in Real Estate, Architectural and Interiors Photography. 

Two weeks later I was unable to physically hold a camera. I started getting back pains. I have had these pains before, about 4 years ago. After a brief stay in hospital for pain management I got back to my normal daily life. This time the pain escalated and would not let up. Even after many visits to the physio and the chiropractor. I was sent again to a pain specialist who gave a new possible diagnosis. After 2 scans and X-Rays were done and assessed I was booked in for an operation. 

It turned out that I had nerve damage in the facet joints between the T5 and T8 joints of my spine, this is up between my shoulder blades.  So a nerve block was put in to 3 of the facet joints. 

To make this a shorter read for you, after 3 months of pain, scans, procedures and recovery I am now back out with a camera in my hand. (And it feels great.) 

Ailbe CollinsComment